Stories of Faith video series

During the spring of 2010, staffers from the Center on Religion & the Professions talked to students across the University of Missouri campus about how faith affects their lives. The interviews, covering several faiths, tackle why people chose their faith, the role of on-campus student groups and where the faith will go in the future.

Click on any video to watch it on this page, or visit CORP’s channel on YouTube directly.

Baptist Student Union

Lily describes the advantages of getting involved in the Baptist Student Union at the University of Missouri, as well as BSU’s plans for the future.

Catholic Student Union

Thomaz discusses what being a University of Missouri student practicing Catholicism entails. He also talks about the Catholic Student Association, of which he’s an active member.


Kinnari shares her views about the advantages and struggles of being a student practicing Hinduism. She delves into the rituals and holidays of the Hindu faith as well as the culture of India.


Lauren practices Judaism at the Mizzou Hillel and is the president of the Jewish Student Organization. She discusses JSO’s activities and encourages students to join in the fun.


Jim explains his affiliation and duties with the Methodist campus ministry called Wesley. He shares how Wesley has contributed to his off-campus activities.


Arwa actively practices as a Muslim. She provides great detail about the foundation of Islam and her experiences as a student practicing her faith.

The Branch

Mark speaks about The Branch, a campus religious organization affiliated with the United Methodist Church. As a member of this new organization, he tells what he thinks sets The Branch apart from a traditional Christian-based organization.